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Succeeding at PRIMEtime

Enjoy the Ease
Through face-to-face, private meetings, PRIMEtime & PowerHall delivers season previews, new lines, marketing programs and unsurpassable buying opportunities. PRIMEtime is designed to bring you and major collegiate vendors together to efficiently and effectively improve sales, reduce expenses, increase relationships and plan your growth. 

With a more action-focused, upscale, exclusive feel than a typical tradeshow, PRIMEtime delivers face-to-face private meetings with leading collegiate vendors. At PRIMEtime you meet with senior executives from the company, not your local sales representative,

How PRIMEtime & PowerHall Works
  • ICBA PRIMEtime is a series of 20-, 30- or 40-minute scheduled vendor meetings held behind closed doors in a private meeting room. 
  • ICBA PowerHall is a series of 10-minute scheduled meetings in private meeting spaces within a large ballroom, where each supplier has a private area with room for displays and materials.
Customer Service for Buyers
Our goal is to help you maximize the value from your PRIMEtime experience. Therefore, ICBA staff is available to help you before, during and after your PRIMEtime meetings. ICBA Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are in each of the PRIMEtime and PowerHall areas to assist you with any questions you may have and to ensure your meetings begin and end on time. 

Prepare for PRIMEtime
Prior to your arrival, you’ll receive your meeting schedule. Your schedule and number of meetings depends on the number of buyers and vendors in your category. Remember, these are your meetings so make the most of them. 

Set Your Goals & Objectives
Prior to arriving, jot down goals and objectives for each vendor you’ll meet with. Goals might include such things as preview seasonal programs, address needs or problems, plan promotions, negotiate and/or purchase product, find new products or improve relationships. Think about what you need and want for your department’s success and go forward with a plan to be as productive as possible.

Prepare & Share

Sharing your goals increases the productivity of your meetings. As you review your vendor-meeting schedule and identify your goals, be prepared to share your goals, objectives and any supporting details with vendors.

Make your meetings more productive by reaching out to the vendors in advance and sharing your goals and objectives. Help the vendor come prepared to address opportunities that you want to explore, and any issues you want to resolve.

Plan for Purchases
Bring your purchase orders. Doing your research ahead of time prepares you to take advantage of special opportunities. Know your needs, Open-to-Buy and promotional plans. Review ICBA Programs ahead of time and bring your order with you. In addition to supporting new launches and marketing initiatives, vendors may offer show specials, special packs and displays designed to drive incremental sales. 

Make the Most of Meetings
Start Smart
  • Have your goals, objectives and notes ready for each of your vendor meetings. 
  • Bring purchase orders. 
  • Start PRIMEtime days with a nourishing breakfast. Wear comfortable attire.
Keep it Productive
  • Share your goals and objectives as needed.
  • Maintain a tone of mutual, professional respect with all vendors. 
  • Even if they are brief, jot down notes at each meeting. Elaborate on your notes as soon as possible.
  • Prepare your purchase orders.
Don’t Miss a Meeting
Your fellow buyers and the PRIMEtime vendors rely on you to stick to the schedule. ICBA Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) help keep everyone on schedule and provide directions to your next meeting.

After PRIMEtime
Review & Follow Through
  • Review your notes from PRIMEtime meetings. Elaborate on them for your own records.
  • Complete the ICBA Conference and PRIMEtime Survey that will be emailed to you immediately after PRIMEtime.
  • Complete any unfinished business, such as purchases, as soon as possible.

PRIMEtime FAQ – Be Open to New Opportunities
Why do I need to meet with all of the PRIMEtime and PowerHall vendors? 
It is no secret that ICBA uses vendor registration fees to support buyers with free travel and registration. As professionals, all buyers should be able to derive value from all of the meetings. While we don’t expect that every, single meeting to result in purchases, we expect that PRIMEtime provides significant benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Why do I need to meet with vendors I don’t currently buy from?
You are not obligated to purchase from every vendor you meet with. However, buyers give all vendors the courtesy of a meeting. Go into meetings with an open mind. If you do not purchase from a company, be prepared to share the reasons you do not buy from them and challenge them to offer you products, prices or terms that work for you.

Can I choose to only meet with vendors of my choice?
Yes, buyers have the option of selecting which vendors to meet with. You do this by paying your own conference registration ($595) and travel expenses. Buyers who build their own PRIMEtime vendor meetings do not qualify for the ICBA buyer freebie. 

How to Have a Successful PRIMEtime?
Click here for an easy to reference, downloadable PDF.

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