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Evaluation & Negotiation

Give ICBA the Best Program Possible!

We expect the best program available. If your program is not your best offer, we want to know what will make it possible for ICBA stores to get your best program.

Review Proposals
Proposals are reviewed and evaluated to select a short list of companies with written responses that best addresses the ICBA stores’ priorities and interests. After initial written proposals have been evaluated, a negotiation process may take place.

After reviewing the initial written proposals, ICBA may select a short list of companies to enter into simultaneous negotiations. Price, although a consideration, is not the sole determining factor.

Negotiation takes place with the vendor to improve the proposal. At the conclusion of the negotiation process, companies may be asked to submit a written “best and final offer” to memorialize the agreements reached and, if desired, to extend additional benefits.

An invitation to submit a “best and final offer” is not automatic. If at the conclusion of the negotiation process, ICBA feels further evaluation of an offer is not needed, and is unlikely to end in a contract award to the vendor, the vendor is notified that their participation has been terminated.

The negotiation process stops upon submission of the “best and final” offer. Companies are not permitted to make further adjustments to their offer or to communicate with ICBA, except to respond to requests for clarification.

ICBA makes the final decision based on the initial written proposal, negotiation sessions, the “best and final offer”, and the company’s ability to meet the ICBA stores’ needs and interests.

To evaluate and guide decisions includes, but is not limited, to the following topics:

  • Customer Service/Sales Representation
  • Prices and Pricing Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Fulfillment
  • Order Minimums
  • Quality
  • Association Program Support
  • Co-operative Advertising Program 
If you have any questions please contact Jon Bibo, ICBA Chief Operating Officer, 630.666.4918, JonBibo@ICBAinc,com.
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