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The Independent College Stores Report

The Independent College Stores Report is a joint ICBA and Large Stores Group (LSG) survey. The Independent College Stores Report is a defining example of the institutional store culture to share success towards mutual improvements. By centralizing independent college store channel data, ICBA and LSG  provide stores with better and more accurate data and metrics for improved benchmarking and decision-making.

The report includes confidential data about each participating store. It is used for benchmarking, strategic planning and networking. This resource provides members with a road-map for continued success, solid measures of performance and opportunities to learn from one another. 

Considered to be one of the most valued membership benefits, the Independent College Stores Report is available to all ICBA members that choose to participate. Each year at the annual conference in February, stores achieving outstanding financial performance are recognized for their accomplishments.

ICBA Partners with KPMG for the Independent College Stores Report Platform
The Independent College Stores Report functions on a database driven platform designed for ICBA by KPMG. Members enter their data through a web interface. 

For questions or comments about the survey platform and process contact 

Independent College Stores Report Committee Chair
Sherry Pollard, Director Retail Services
The Mizzou Store, University of Missouri, Columbia
Ph: 573.882.8420   email Sherry Pollard 


Store Awards
Awards for the 2015-2016 Operating Survey were given on February 15th at the ICBA 2017 Retail Conference. Several outstanding ICBA stores were recognized for demonstrating excellence through internal leadership, strategy development and execution.

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