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Retail Management (RMSA)

Retail Merchandise Service Automation (RMSA)
RMSA works with retailers on a personal and individual basis to improve the performance of their business by achieving specific and measurable goals. ICBA has partnered with Retail Merchandise Service Automation (RMSA) for more than ten years. RMSA is the nation’s oldest and largest company offering retail merchandise planning, forecasting and inventory management services. Designed to increase sales and profitability, RMSA has provided planning services to thousands of retailers in the United States and Canada, including regular and discount, specialty stores, department stores, franchises and college bookstores.

“…make more real bottom-line dollars with our help than they were making without it, and their investment in RMSA is only a fraction of that added revenue.’’

As an ICBA member, you can benefit from learning more about RMSA at no cost or obligation. RMSA offers a Financial Performance Review, customized to your bookstore, to show you how RMSA forecasts could help you realize the same benefits other ICBA members have already discovered.

We invite you to learn more about RMSA, or to request a Financial Performance Review, by calling 800.727.7672 or emailing

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About RMSA
A key practice of effective retail merchandising is carrying just the right amount of merchandise. A merchant maximizes his or her profit when the amount of inventory stocked matches customer demand.

RMSA can’t emphasize enough the importance of a solid merchandising plan when it comes to optimizing turnover, margins and cash flow. Whether that plan is created internally or through RMSA, it must cover three essential elements to ensure success--turnover, profit margin and cash flow.

Turnover, profit margin & cash flow
RMSA has been helping retailers plan and grow for more than 50 years. With more than 1,000 clients across the United States, some have been clients for more than 20 years. The reason for loyalty is simple. Stores make more real bottom-line dollars with RMSA help than they were making without it, and their investment in RMSA is only a fraction of that added revenue.

RMSA's 50-year history has taught them that the road to success is built by sticking to a tried and true plan. Each and every retail client is approached the same way, forecasting sales and inventory from the bottom up to create a profitable retail environment with steady cash flow. Simply put, the RMSA systems work for stores. Statistics show that RMSA client stores continue to outperform industry averages.

There’s no quick fix solution that will achieve higher profits and stronger cash flow and that’s why RMSA delivers more than just data, providing ongoing, hands-on assistance with interpretation, problem solving and planning.

Increased profitability through effective merchandise management
Other companies deliver a sea of computer-generated data, leaving the retailer to interpret the information and determine what actions to take. There are few retailers who have time for that. At RMSA, information isn't generated just for information’s sake. Instead RMSA offers retail intelligence with thoughtful interpretation and analysis—so you know precisely what steps you must take to achieve your goals.

Each month, your experienced RMSA Merchandising Analyst reviews and interprets the data generated by the Retail Intelligence System and recommend ways to integrate this new information into your ongoing merchandising strategy.

RMSA helps you reach your goals 
  • maximize cash flow
  • adjust inventory levels
  • avoid excessive markdowns
  • schedule inventory deliveries while considering seasonal selling patterns
  • set overall goals for inventory, margins and cash flow, and identify steps to achieve these goals
  • identify risks and opportunities for each merchandise classification in each store
RMSA shortens the road to these results
  • optimum turnover—less invested cash
  • higher margins—more profits
  • increased cash flow
The RMSA Process is based upon our automated, Retail Intelligent Forecast that accurately predicts sales, inventories and receipts for the future, recognizing each classification’s unique sales patterns, turnover potential and optimal receipt flow for each store. It is not just a sales forecasting tool, it is a dynamic profit plan built from the bottom up to maximize sales. Each classification within a store is viewed as an individual profit center that generates separate forecasts to achieve optimum turnover.

The following characteristics are also considered unique to every store
  • sales patterns
  • seasonality (addressed by classification)
  • turnover potential
  • optimum flow of receipts
  • correct timing of deliveries

Total Automation
The only way to develop a highly accurate forecast is to analyze individual classifications in individual stores, automatically. The impact of even modest improvements in inventory investment, turnover and margins is staggering. But the process of reviewing each classification/store separately would be impossible if the system simply presents data for the user to review and adjust. That is why the process is totally automated as part of the RMSA forecast. The sales, inventory, markdown, receipt forecasts and resulting open-to-buy are automatically generated by the system as new data is submitted.

RMSA’s Retail Intelligent Forecast thinks like a retailer and asks questions at the store classification level

  • sales patterns?
  • were sales above or below last year and plan?
  • were sales profitable?
  • was there enough inventory?
  • were receiving adequate?
  • is inventory fresh?
  • are markdowns needed?
  • is turnover appropriate?
  • were sales trending up or down during the last 90 days?
  • are transfers necessary?
  • should the forecast be adjusted because inventory is too high or too low?
  • does the on-order match the open-to-receive?
  • are there upcoming promotions?

For more information on RMSA Services, call 800.727.7672 or email

We invite you to learn more about RMSA, or to request a Financial Performance Review, by calling 800.727.7672 or emailing

Read what these ICBA Members have to say:
RMSA's Vendor Partner Program with ICBA
To view the latest program partnership between RMSA and ICBA, please log in to your ICBA member profile and search RMSA under Buying Programs.

Retail Prescriptions for Profit - RMSA Video Series
As an ICBA member you are invited to to view their series of educational videos titled Retail Prescriptions for Profit! A new video will be released each month on a different topic. These videos give an excellent depiction of how RMSA will bring value to your store. Please log in to your ICBA member profile to access these videos.
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