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Video Demos of Campus eBookstore

Below are links to videos that demonstrate the Campus eBookstore student purchase experience.

Purchasing Course Materials & Access Codes Through a Store Branded, Two-Cart Integration
This video demonstrates how students purchase from a college store that has integrated Campus eBookstore into their website and eCommerce systems. This is a store-branded, two cart integration. This example is from the University of Toronto. (running time 5:32).

Simple Affiliation: Purchasing AdAccess Code Through a Simple Affiliation with Campus eBookstore
Campus eBookstore is designed to allow college stores a simple affiliate solution if they are unable to integrate it into their eCommerce system. This maintains your ability to be an industry-wide solution and maximize your points of distribution. In the affiliate case a student clicks through from your store’s website directly to Campus eBookstore. (running time 4:50)

Dynamic Pricing & Discounting Titles with Campus eBookstore
Campus eBookstore uses a dynamic pricing algorithm that checks competitive prices in real-time and adjusts our pricing to remain competitive in the marketplace.

FTP Support for Course Materials
This allows you to submit your on-course materials feed file via FTP instead of the HTTP method.  Some systems vendors (MBS, Sequoia) prefer this method because they are able to more easily automate the process using FTP.  

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact Chris Sinkinson by email at We will be delighted to assist!
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