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Join Independent College Bookstore Association and experience the resources, community, programs and opportunities that enhance every aspect of your professional development and improve your retail operations. We connect great ideas and great people. Read more about the benefits of ICBA Membership below and read our Membership Brochure.

Together we are making good stores better.
  • Improve your bottom line with unsurpassed buying programs & resources
  • Stay ahead of change with strongest solution-oriented education & professional development
  • Gain competitive insights through exclusive institutional store sharing, networking, resources and services
  • Improve your vendor relations through ICBA Programs & Resources, Business Encounter and PRIMEtime Buyer & Vendor Exchange
  • Maintain a decision-making voice & pride of ownership. Our members are our owners.
Independent College Bookstore Association exists to help institutional stores like yours. Collegiate retailing is a dynamic and exciting retail channel focused on serving three main communities: students expecting the highest level of services and integrity, faculty with needs as diverse as their disciplines and administrators who rely on successful operations to support growing needs. To be a successful collegiate retailer requires pride, passion, commitment, resources and innovation. 

It is our mission to provide you with the programs and services that will establish your institutional store as the preferred management solution for your institution. 
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Annual ICBA membership Dues
Annual ICBA Membership dues are for January 1 through December 31. ICBA membership dues must be paid on or before December 31 for the following year. Dues are based on your total store sales. ICBA members having multiple store locations are required to pay dues based on total sales from all locations.

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Maximize Your Savings with ICBA
Though benefits of ICBA reach far beyond savings programs, your return on investment can easily be identified by average savings on your investment. Savings shown here includes everything reported by vendors (not all vendors report).
 See more about ICBA Buying Programs.

 ICBA Membership Level ICBA Dues Top Stores Savings Average Store Savings Median Store Savings
 Up to $1 Million  $600 $31,666 $9,128 $4,509
 $1 to $3.9 Million $1,200 $177,002 $41,155 $20,939
 $4 to $6.9 Million $2,000 $234,219 $58,057 $27,868
 $7 to $9.9 Million $2,600 $429,055 $70,459 $32,029
 $10 to $19.9 Million $3,300 $746,243 $124,594 $72,579
 $20 to $29.9 Million $3,300 $385,345 $158,303 $140,908
 Over $30 Million $3,300 $1,658,048 $382,751

(Updated 7/2/2014)



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